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"The Poot" Persian carpet Documentary Trailer

See our feature in Design Build Magazine of the
River Valley Region 2009 at the following link:


Other Oriental Rug Sites of Interest

Hali, the magazine of rug and textile art

Ghereh Magazine

Oriental Rug Review online magazine

The Textile Museum at the Smithsonian Institution

The Tapetologist, for newcomers to the
world of oriental rugs
for tribal rug enthusiasts

Marla Mallett Textiles

This unique rug depicts Chairman Mao inspecting the parading of the Red Guard in Tiananmen Square on August 18, 1966. (Sotheby's)

Oriental Rug Cleaning Repair and Restoration:

American Rug Laundry
Twin Cities' expert rug care company,
celebrating its 110th anniversary.

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